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L'Association des Charron et Ducharme, inc.


Our family association was founded on January 24, 1993 in Longueuil (Québec). On March 16 of the same year, the government of Quebec officially registered it as a not-for-profit association. As a member of the Fédération des familles-souches québécoises (F.F.S.Q), our head office is located in Sainte-Foy (Québec), where the Fédération is established. However, for day-to-day correspondence, our address is as follows :

     Association des Charron et Ducharme, inc.
     P.O. Box 78043
     Postal Station Aux 4 coins
     Rosemère, QC J7A 4P2


As stated in our charter, the main objectives of the association are as follows :

  • To regroup the descendants of Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard, who were married in Montreal in 1665; they are the founding couple of our families.

  • To promote the development of the history and genealogy of Charron and Ducharme families and encourage the dissemination of available information.

Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard gave birth to 12 children. The descendants of this prolific couple currently number at least 25,000 and represent more than half the Charrons and Ducharmes spread over North America. Three of their four sons retained the original name, Charron, while a fourth one for unkown reasons adopted around 1701 the surname Ducharme which he transmitted to his descendants.


The association is administered by an 11-member Board of Directors elected for a three-year renewable term. The annual general meeting is held in May each year usually in the Montreal area. All members and friends are welcome.

  • Click here for a list of the Board members, and their e-mail address if available.


From the very start, the association has been active, particularly in the area of the second objective of its mandate. Among its major achievements, let’s note the following :

  • publication three times yearly of le Trait d’union, a 20-page bulletin containing a great deal of often original information;

  • unveiling of a commemorative plaque in Longueuil in honor of our ancestors Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard (2007);

  • publication of a book about our Charron ancestors of Meaux, including dozens of acts and contracts from 1491 to 1684 (2009);

  • publication of the first two volumes, in a series of four, about the descendants of Pierre Charron and Catherine Pillard (2008).


The association has several projects in progress of which the most notable are  :
  • publication of a compendium of notarized acts and contracts of our families in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (2012);

  • completion of the series of volumes on the descendants of our ancestors (2011);

  • unveiling of a commemorative plaque in honor of our ancestor Pierre Charron in his native city of Meaux (2011).

Signing up :

All Charrons and Ducharmes, as well as anyone interested in these families may become a member of our association. We invite you to do it now and learn what you have always wanted to know about our ancestors. They are a source of great pride!

50% of our members reside in Québec, 15% in the rest of Canada, and 35% in the United States spread across half of the states. To promote the participation of the greatest number of persons, the annual dues are maintained at the lowest possible level.

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