Les Dumas d'Amérique

Les Dumas d’Amérique was founded in the city of Québec in 1992. By choosing this name for the association, the founding members meant to emphasise the fact that there is more than one Dumas ancestor. Moreover, they wished to express their desire to welcome not only the descendants of these ancestors, but also any other Dumas living on the American continent.

The Association wishes to be the meeting point for all these Dumases and Dumas descendants, and to discover and make known the history of the presence and settlement of Dumases on this continent. This is why the Association carries out genealogical research and why it has created this web site, which it will enrich regularly.

We also created an archive fund into which we will put together all sorts of documents related to the history of Dumases. As we want to gather as much data as is possible, we will be glad to add any information or documents you have on your family history, or on the role some of your ancestors have played.

In 1995, a memorial was erected by the association on Orléans Island (near Québec City) as an homage to François Dumas, a mason from Nanteuil-en-Vallée (France), who is the main ancestor of the Dumases now living in Québec, in Canada, and probably on the whole continent. The monument is also meant as an homage to his wife Marguerite Foy, a Fille du Roy who landed in New France in 1667.

This association is shaped on the model of Québec family associations.

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