The first Dumases

Although we have some share of information on the Dumases who came to this continent, we are still far from knowing all we wish we knew about them. For instance, we still aren't certain of how many of them did come to the Americas.

This is why we go on with our research, and every day brings new information which is immediately entered in our databases. We are glad to share this information with you.

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Dumases of European origin

The following table relates to Dumases who were borne in Europe and who were present in America before the 20th century.

Non-Dumases whose posterity have borne the name Dumas

Individuals who didn't bear the name Dumas but whose posterity have.

Dumases of unknown or as unascertained origin

This table relates to Dumases whose parents or whose origin we still haven't found out. These Dumases may have come from Europe or may have been themselves descendants of Dumases listed in one of the other tables.

Dumas women whose names appear in various documents

There are many unidentified Dumases in our databases. They are generally Dumases who lived outside of Québec, and whose name appears as a parent in registers or other documents.