Dumases of European origin

The following table relates to Dumases (or Dumastes – another writing of the surname) of whom we know that they came from Europe, and that they were present in North America at some point in history. Some of them left a posterity.

The names go first by alphabetical order and then by chronological order. For example, if the table includes three Antoines, the most recent of the three will appear last. Click on the names below to learn more about them.

(First) Name Also known as Name of the father Profession/
Alexandre   Jean merchant, notary 18th New France
Antoine   Isaac   17th New France
Antoine Sansregret   soldier, shoemaker 18th New France
Antoine Libéral   Jean merchant 18th New France
Élie     soldier, farrier 17th New France
François   François mason 17th New France
François     stone cutter 17th New France
François   Charles interpret 17th New France
François   Jean yeoman 18th New France
François       18th Louisbourg
Gabriel     master mason 17th New France
Gilbert L'empileur     18th Louisiana
Jean       17th New France
Jean     Jesuit father 18th New France
Jean Beauséjour Antoine   18th Louisiana
Jean Saint-Martin Pierre Jean merchant 18th New France
Jean Baptiste Pierre Francoeur Jean Baptiste   18th Louisbourg
Jean Daniel   Samuel army officer 18th New France
Jérôme/Jérémie "Jeremiah"       18th Virginia
Louis       18th New France
Pierre   Antoine   17th New France
Pierre Langoumois Pierre   17th New France
Pierre     soldier 18th New France
René Rencontre Claude soldier 17th New France