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  Tenue que portait Charles Charon dit La Rose Cabanac (ancêtre de la famille Charron dit Cabana) alors qu'il était soldat dans une Compagnie franche de la Marine en Nouvelle-France

 Illustration: Eugène Leliepvre, historien artistique officiel de l'armée française

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Fund raising campaign for research in France !
At the Association's last meeting of it's Administrators held on April 12th 2003 at the Hôtel des Gouverneurs on île Charron near Montréal, it was unanimously decided to create a Special Fund to finance genealogical research projects in France for the family.


Under the responsibility and control of Jacques Cabana, director of research, the aim of this research project is to find the traces of the Charron dit Cabana family ancestors in France. To achieve this aim, we have hired the services of a well known professional french geneologist, Mister Jean-François Viel. Mister Viel came highly recommended by the Charron Ducharme association, for whom he has already successfully conducted many similar research projects in France.

Before any money is spent, the geneologist must present a complete research plan and detailed budget. This plan and budget must then receive specific approval by the board of administrators before the research and expenditures in France may begin. The results, when available, will be made available for all on the Web Site.


The aim of this fund raising campaign is to raise at least an initial amount of $ 3 000, that will be put in the Special Research Fund for France, under the responsibility of Gaétan Cabana the association's treasurer. Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions relating to the research projects or to the Special Research Fund.

We now ask you to be generous. You can now send us your contributiuons in the form of a check payable to the: association des Charron dit Cabana - France Research Fund, at the following adress (you will receive a receipt):

France Research Fund
A/S Gaétan Cabana, treasurer
Association des Charron dit Cabana
954, Promenade Wingate
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1G 1T1

Thank you!

Thanks to the donors

Pierre R. Cabana Sherbrooke 100 $
Jacques Cabana La Praire 100 $
Gaétan Cabana Ottawa 100 $
Pierre M. Cabana Magog 100 $
Suzanne I. Cabana Montréal 100 $
Anne-Sophie, Françoise & Charles Cabana La Prairie 30 $
Louis G. Cabana Californie 100 $
Aldée Cabana Sherbrooke 100 $
Myriam Cabana Magog 50 $
Robert Charron Baldwin's Mill 55 $
Chrystiane Cabana Brossard 40 $
André Cabana Québec 90 $



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Information dating before 1713 on the family ancestor, Charles Charon dit La Rose Cabanac, even though available and seemingly certain, has yet to be confirmed by any reliable source.  No ones has ever found any documented evidence, in France, about Charles. All information found, on the net or in publications, are based on extrapolations of the information contained in his marriage contract and record as described below.

However, we are certain that:


He came from France;

He was stationed at Fort Pontchartrain (now Detroit, Michigan) where he can be found through the following written contracts:

7 juillet 1708:  Owner of a house on Ste-Anne Street; and

30 janvier 1709: He buys the house of Louis Normand.


He gets married in Ville-Marie, New-France (now Montréal, Québec) on 26 February 1713; and settles in the Verchères Seigniory on the South Shore of Montréal;

He declares to be 30 years old on 26 February 1713;

He declares, on 26 February 1713, his parents to be the deceased Pierre Charon and Marie-Françoise Selles;

As for his exact origins, this is all that can be certain at this point:

On his mariage contract:

"natif de Chartres en beausse parroisse de St-Aignan" France. (translation: a native of Chartres in the Beausse region, St-Aignan parish);

On his marriage religious record : 

 "de la paroisse de St-Aignan diocèse de Chartres" France. (translation: from the parich of St-Aignan, Chartres Diocese).

Also, here is another piece of information that has been going around.  As you will see, it is far from being verified as true:

A newspaper article, from an unknown author, who does not quote any references or sources, from an unknown newspaper, from around the early 1960s stated that:

"il est né vers 1685,..., demeurant dans la paroisse de Saint-Emans (et non Saint-Aignan), ..., La Paroisse de Saint-Emans est situé à environs vingts milles (32 Km) de la célèbre ville de Chartres, chef-lieu du Département d'Eure et Loire." France. (translation: he was born around 1685,... , lived in the Parish of St-Émans (and not St-Aignan),... , the Parish of St-Éman is located at about 20 miles (32 KM) from the famous City of Chartres, capital of the Department of Eure et Loire).

One can propably say that given the information available, it is probable that Charles was from the greater region of Chartres France if not from it's Parish of St-Aignan.  No one has yet been over there to search the records of that era.

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