The Joseph LaPorte Family in Manitoba

The Joseph LaPorte (1837 to 1894) Family

Joseph Laporte about 1890 (980x1533, 230.8 kilobytes) Esther Houle about 1910 (957x1387, 1,251.2 kilobytes)   

Joseph and Esther (Houle) LaPorte   

 Four of Joseph and Esther's Children and families (1308x1027, 240.0 kilobytes)

Four of their children (Sylvio, back row, middle; Zachee, center left; Maria, behind Sylvio's shoulder; Marie Louise, facing the group at the back right) and their families in 1942.

The Telesphore LaPorte (1862-1920) Family

Telesphore Laporte and Hermina Bonin (1318x1848, 264.6 kilobytes)  

 Telesphore and Hermina (Bonin) LaPorte

  Telephore's First House at Inwood, Manitoba (1245x719, 438.2 kilobytes)  

  Telesphore with sons Ernest and George at their homestead, Inwood, MB 1901

 Four Generations (1372x955, 1,136.9 kilobytes)

 Telesphore with his mother Esther Houle Laporte, daughter Blanche Beaudoin and grandson Leo Beaudoin at Leo's christening at Inwood in 1913

 Telesphore with sons Rene and Leopold 1917 (1189x711, 817.9 kilobytes)

Telesphore with sons Rene and Leopold in his field at Inwood about 1917

  Five of Telesphore's children (1164x1770, 2.3 kilobytes)

Five of Telesphore and Hermina's children; Leopold, George, Corinne, Anna and Blanche Laporte

The Zachee Laporte (1866-1953) Family

Zachee's first born (1113x1493, 875.3 kilobytes)  

Zachee and Marie (Schwartz) LaPorte with their first born, Alice, in 1893

  The Three Children (440x576, 146.2 kilobytes) 

Zachee and Marie's children: Alice, Napoleon and Alida in 1901

 Outside the BlackSmith shop (1350x901, 508.4 kilobytes)  

Left to right: a family friend, Mrs. LeMay; Adrienne Pacaud (Gendreau); Zachee; Napoleon; on the chair, Alida; Marie Schwartz LaPorte; Blanche Schwartz and Alice in the other chair.  1899.

The Sylvio Laporte (1873-1943) Family

Sylvio Laporte and Celestine Leclair (991x1347, 658.3 kilobytes)  

Sylvio and Celestine (Leclair) LaPorte in the 1930's

  Sylvio and his nephew (209x300, 29.6 kilobytes)

Sylvio with his nephew, Napoleon, in front of Zachee's Grocery Store in St. Norbert in 1902.

Celestine's Hospitality (609x393, 100.0 kilobytes)

Four if their children (Aristide, Leo, Simonne and Adeodat) over for Sunday supper at Celestine's in 1948. 

left to right: Gerard (Aristide's son), Leo, Simonne, her husband Bill Calthorpe, Adeodat,
his wife Rolande and baby Gilbert, Yvette, Celestine, Aristide and his wife Jeannette.