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Taken at Zachee and Marie's Golden (50th) Wedding Anniversary party Feb. 8, 1942 Back row, left to right Fortunat Gratton, Maria Laporte Gratton, Sylvio Laporte, Clara Pacaud, Marie Louise Laporte Leclair Middle row, left to right Celestine Laporte (Sylvio), Zachee Laporte, Marie Schwartz Laporte holding Claire (Alida's daughter), Cyril Leclair Front row, left to right Alice Laporte, Yvonne Pacaud, Alida Laporte Sylvio and Zachee are brothers and Maria Laporte Gratton and Marie Louise Laporte Leclair are their sisters. Alice and Alida are Zachee and Marie's daughters. The Pacaud family were close friends (Clara Pacaud and Yvonne Pacaud).