The Association des Tremblay d'Amérique was founded April 10, 1978 to:
Unite all the Tremblays (other spellings include: Trombley, Trembley, Trumble ...) in North America.
Create a feeling of unity, pride and true membership among its members.
Set up a repository of all descendants of Pierre Tremblay and OzanneAchon, and a genealogy center.
Set up premises for family archives and memorabilia.
Bring every Tremblay to discover his (her) roots and tell his (her) story.
Maintain family bonds with our Achon and Tremblay relatives in France.
Makes known the story of those who bear or have beared the Tremblay patronymic.
Emphasize the merit of notable Tremblays.
Publish a quarterly contact bulletin (La Tremblaie).
Organize Annual Meetings and promote other activities.
Offer miscellaneous articles bearing the Tremblay coat of arms and a genealogical service for direct line ancestry.

You can join the Association at the address:
Association des Tremblay d'Amérique
C.P. 81133, Québec, G2B 3W6