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Heartbeats Volume 4 No 1 March 2003 

Extract form Vol 4 No 1 Page 4


   From Monseigneur Gilbert Lemire, secretary of the Board of Administration


I was born in Baie-du-Febvre, on November 15, 1932. My father Gustave, was the son of Jean-Baptiste, son of Norbert and Virginie Brassard. My father was a farmer, in the rural road named Pays-Brûlé and we had a beautiful farm baptized "Farm of the Elms" because we had many of these large trees everywhere on our farm.


I made my primary studies in the school of the rural road up to grade 7.  I always had the same teacher and her name was: Berthe Lacerte. Then I started my classical studies at the Small Seminar of Nicolet (1946-1954) replaced today by the Police National Institute. I then continued my theological studies in the High Seminar of the same place (1954-1958). I was ordained priest in Nicolet by Bishop Albertus Martin on May 31, 1958.


My pastoral ministry began in Drummondville (1958-1960). Followed by studies in Catechesis in Europe during two years (1964-1966).  Meanwhile (1965-1966), my father sold his farm in the Pays-Brûlé to Mr Gérard Rainville. He and my mother Clara Lahaie went to live in Montreal, QC.


During several years, I worked inside the education and catechesis domains (1966-1975) in Drummondville and in Nicolet. In 1975, I was named curate (pastor) of the Nicolet Cathedral and I remained there for 15 years.


In 1985 for the diocese of Nicolet centennial occasion, I was promoted to honorary prelate (Monseigneur) since I already was curate of Nicolet and vicar general of Bishop Albertus Martin.


Since 1990 I am curate (pastor) of St-François-du-Lac. A beautiful village, along the Saint-François River and is not far from the Lake Saint-Pierre and the St. Lawrence River.


My days are now running smoothly like the river and like the happiness.


Gilbert Lemire, p.h. Priest curate