Album August 12, 2006

The Association of the Lemire Families of America inc.

The Association is pleased to offer you as a souvenir a few pictures taken
during the 2006 annual gathering which took place on Saturday August 12, 2006,
at the Chalet Plessis located in Port St-Francois,(Nicolet) QC

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Direction for the Chalet

Inscription at the arrival

Chalet Plessis

Discovering other members
Preparing the corn

Tasting the famous corn roast

Really tood this hot corn
A very serious discussion
Souvenirs corner

Mr. Michel Lemire pres. addressing the members
Remembering the recent deceased members
Discussions during the meal
Others enjoying the moments

Get togethers always interesting
Mr .Michel Langlois
guest speaker

Partial group listening Mr. Langlois
Other members listening as well
Mr. Langlois responding to questions
Discussions about the Dictionary of the Lemire

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