The Association of the Lemire Families of America inc.


On July 13, 2003, a grand gathering took place in Baie du Febvre to celebreate the 350th wedding anniversary of our common ancestors Jean Lemire and Louise Marsolet

During this gathering of the Lemire of America, we were pleased to highlight this 350th wedding anniversary of Jean Lemire of Saint-Aignan and Louise Marsolet on Sunday July 13, 2003 at 40 rang Pays-Brûlé, in Baie-du-Febvre QC.

Let us recall that the Association of the Lemire Families (AFLA) has as a mandate to gather the various ancestral families carrying the name Lemire in America and its nicknames and variations in order to promote, raise interest and develop historical research, genealogical, etymological and heraldic on the Lemire, and to create fraternity bonds between its members.

In addition to the statutory meetings of the council of administration, it is through an activity comprising a summer festival - opened to one and others - that we could carry out this mandate this summer. It was an unambiguous answer where nearly 300 people gathered at one the Lemire descendants residence, namely Mrs. Pédrina Lemire, mother of Messrs Jacques, Sylvio, Pierre and André Proulx, members of the Association.

Thanks to the generous participation of the present members, more than half of the (non-members) visitors could realize, among the various exhibitions and genealogical research, at which point the organisation - current members - is proud of former and current achievements and how, with modest means, was able to answer the expectations from all the guests. Upon arrival, following the registration and after the identification of all the visitors by our welcoming committee composed by Mrs. Hélène Blondin, Claire Rousseau Viau and Solange Comtois Lemire, we could note everybody's interest for their own genealogical research in proposing them an exercise of "memory" aiming at dressing up the list of their respective line of ascendance, be it maternal or paternal. True headache or challenge for more than one but also pride for others whose research is largely carried out and well structured in reference documents. The "clothes line" believes in your generous participation and was keen to attract and moreover maintain avidity to weave bonds and to answer one and another. Particularly a discovery took place in the process of identifying the ancestors of a given family, when a couple managed while on site to find out that they were descendants on the paternal as well as on maternal side and had the same source of origin, that is to say the ancestors of Jean-François Lemire and Françoise Foucault!

Came the signature of the golden book, and it was an occasion to get acquainted with our president, Mrs. Yolande Ayotte Lemire, which, with covered word, achieved her goal to enlist more than one hundred members duly registered to our association. Yolande, sincere congratulations!

Moreover, it was pleasant for more than one to be able to visualize our publications and research plus also the promotional articles of the Association. Thank you Yves, Cécile and Michel-Jules for your availability.

At the crossroads of the genealogy, several could see at which point the documentary references on the various roots were abundant and well structured. Congratulations to Michel Lemire (22) and to Father Jonathan for their excellent documentary sources that you made us partake so generously.

The celebrities corner has surprised more than one. The narration of facts and actions exposed by more than tens of people will be the subject for another text later considering that are so many more references to publicize.

But it is at 1.30pm sharp that the official party got engaged with the opening words from the president and our guest of honour, the dynamic mayor of Baie-du-Febvre, Mr Claude Biron.

It was then the launching of balloons to emphasize the arrival and presence of the Lemire in America

The president, Mrs. Yolande Ayotte Lemire, gave thereafter honorary certificates to members implied at various stages in the Association's history, where the 15 years of its existence was underlined.

At 3:00 pm a commemorative mass was co-celebrated by Mgr Gilbert Lemire accompanied by Fathers Réginald and Luc Marsolais, the ceremony was enriched by the musical choir as orchestrated by Mr. Sylvio Proulx and directed by Mrs. Helene Blondin.

Following this celebration, souvenir pictures of the group were taken. You can obtain copies by contacting our person in charge of the promotional articles, Mrs. Cécile Jutras Lemire at the following telephone number: 450-783-6294. (color photo, 8" x approximately 10") Other photographs pointing out the day's events will also be available and could be ordered in a numerical format (CD) or on paper. Certain costs are expected based on choices, formats and desired quantities.

The supper by family groups made it possible for several members, to freely fraternize and led us to the last three activities of the day, that is to say; the narration of a legend of Felix Leclerc recollecting our roots and ancestors by René Lemire, Camil Bergeron and Louise Lefebvre, followed by a short but extremely appreciated speech about the peregrination of the Lemire, particularly the roots of the Myre, by Marcel Myre, author of two books relating the various historical past of his ancestors.

Finally the day ended with a demonstration of the know-how of the Lemire twins, grandsons of late André Lemire and Denise Proulx, in a parachute self propelled by an engine fixed on the back of the parachutist. As a whole, you will agree with me, would not have taken place without an organization eager to offer to its members and its guests one summer day festivities that it feels good to be at such a site and where our president's Mrs. Yolande Ayotte Lemire immense work, was extremely appreciated. Thank you on behalf of all, Yolande, for your devotion without borders!

Michel Lemire (141)