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Information to all and future members.

Preperation for Québec 2008

The Quebec 2008 committee is pleased to present the programming for the annual meeting underlining the 20th birthday of the Association of the Lemire Families of America, that is also coinciding with the Celebrations for the 400th birthday of the Quebec discovery.

Québec 2008

Who, what, how ?
  • Invitation to all the Lemire families and associated to underline the twentieth birthday of the Association of the Lemire Families of America within the framework of the Festivals of Quebec 2008
Where ?
  • This large gathering will take place in suburbs of Quebec city in the Family Institute's home of the Maristes Fathers located at 4947 Clément-Lockquell Street in St Augustin Québec. It is located at approximately 20 km east of downtown Quebec City.
    For more details, please click on following web site:
[ Yahoo! Maps ] Map for the 4947 rue Clément Lockquell in St-augustin de Desmaures, PQ
From Thursday July 03 through July 06, 2008
  • Please note that there is a good possibility that we could have bus transportation from (boarding places to be determined) to St Augustin.
  • the Quebec 2008 committee, composed of the President of the AFLA Mrs. Reine Lemire (025) as well as other members of the Association such as Mrs. Rachelle Lemire (072), Messrs Jean Lemire (128), Lévis Lemire (009) and Michel Lemire (141) proposes the following activities for you.
Thursday July the 3rd, 2008:
  • The participation to activities jointly with the Federation of the Ancestral Families to underline the arrival of the first colonists from France and the Commemoration of the Foundation of Quebec.
    See Web site: My Quebec in 2008
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Meetings with families coming from Europe: schedule to be specified.

Friday July the 4th 2008 :

  • Follow-up to the AFLA members, be it from inside or outside of Québec and with reception at the old institution in St.Augustin of the Maristes Fathers.
Saturday July the 5th 2008 :

  • Big annual gathering of the Association of the Lemire Families of America, at the "House of the Maristes Fathers" to celebrate during a banquet dinner the 20th birthday of the foundation of our Association.
  • Patrimonial exposure and historical research will be presented, exact time to be specified.
Sunday July 06, 2008 :

  • Activities on the Plains of Abraham: Portrait of Families. Joint participation with the Festivities for 400th, picnic under the tent in collaboration with the Federation of the Ancestral Families of Quebec and conclusion of the activities.
Exact schedule is still to be specified.
Pricing to lodge at the House of the Maristes Fathers :

$50.00/day/pers.including the room with the three meals
$30.00/day/pers. including the room, dinner and the breakfast.
$10.00/for lunch or dinner.
Pricing banquet for the 20th anniversary banquet is at $ 40.00 extra per person
Many thanks for your collaboration.

The president
Mrs. Reine Lemire (025)

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