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Every Fall since 1995, the World Association of Laporte's and St-Georges has held a family reunion.
Our reunions bring together "cousins" from across North America who share a common interest in our ancestry.  Participants have the opportunity to meet with Board members and to examine and purchase the Association's publications, to consult its computerized data bank and to visit its family archive exhibition.  Local guided tours of historical sites give our cousins the opportunity to learn about our past while exploring our beautiful province of Quebec.
Each year we choose a site in a region of Quebec with a connection to our original Laporte/Ste-Georges ancestors.  Our meetings have been held in:


Joliette.  September 23, 1995

Boucherville.  October 5, 1996

Bromptonville (Sherbrooke region) and the Beauvoir Shrine founded by Fr. J.A. Laporte.  September 13,1997      

The "Village Québécois d'Antan" near Drummondville. September 19, 1998

The St. Jean Bosco Centre in St-Charles-Borromée in the heart of the region where the Laporte/St-Georges have lived and still live today.  September 25, 1999    

Restaurant Biniou in St-Eustache.  September 16, 2000 

Ile-Dupas Community center. Later, the participants met at Berthierville's L'Entre-Nous restaurant.  September 8, 2001  

Sherbrooke during the Sherbrooke 2002 Festival which added to the excitement, warmth and good humour which prevailed.  September 7, 2002
        To view pictures of this event, please follow this link

On July 6, 2003 we met at Ile-des-Moulins in Terrebonne for a traditional family picnic style reunion. 
        To view pictures of this event, please follow this link.

Last year we held our 10th Anniversary Reunion which was our most successful reunion ever with members attending from across Canada and the United States. 
        To view the Association President's personal pictures of the event please follow this link.


We are still finalizing our plans for the 2005 Reunion.  Please check this page for future updates.

For further information contact Baxter Laporte.

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