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The World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges wishes to communicate as widely as possible all the data it has accumulated. It does this through its various publications.
All members in good standing of the Association are sent the "De Laporte à St-Georges" bulletin free of charge. This bulletin, which went through a couple of name changes was first issued in 1994 on an irregular basis. It is our aim to publish it now on a quarterly basis.
A very popular and important publication of the Association is its Genealogical Dictionary of Laporte / St-Georges families. This document can serve as a precious tool to establish your family tree. The third edition of the dictionary which was published in September 1997, was improved with 37% more entries compared to the previous edition.
The first edition of the family album has been launched at the 1998 family reunion. This album was built with information and archives provided by members and non-members. Our archivist-genealogist is always very pleased to receive any submission of documents or data.
If you wish to purchase one of the Association's publication, please consult our price list and complete the order form.
WARNING (Halbert's editor):
Several persons have requested our advice on advertising they have received from an editor by the name of Halbert's promoting a family book with a cover letter usually signed by someone claiming to have the same family name. This publisher has been condemned by the Quebec Consumer Protection Agency and their publications have absolutely no genealogical value. We strongly discourage buying any of these publications which contain totally useless data.
We would rather you invest in the publications of the World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges, you will get much more value for your money and all our data is constantly being validated.
You can also check the following site: "Cagey Consumer Alerts".

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Last updated on February 23, 2003