Jacques de LaPorte
dit St-Georges
His parents

His marriage

His children

His signature

Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges was born on March 5, 1627 in Noce in France. Here are some pictures of Noce today showing that much remains of Jacques' time. Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges' parents were Jacques de La Porte and Marie Hamelin.
We have not been able to ascertain precisely when Jacques Laporte dit St-Georges arrived in New France. We do know that he signed his first legal document in New France in 1653 and that he lived in Montreal Montreal in 1655, the year that the Sieur de Maisonneuve Maisonneuve granted him a piece of land. We assume that Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges became a farmer. He also had a house on St.Paul street.
On September 3, 1657, Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges married Nicole Duchesne. Eleven children were issued from that marriage.
Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges died before 1702 probably in 1698. Again we do not have an exact date because the village of Contrecoeur where he died was soon after burned down by the Indians. The date of his death has been estimated according to legal documents relating to his estate.
His signature appears in a May 25, 1670 notarized document.

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