Genealogical Dictionary
The Genealogical Dictionary of the Laporte/St-Georges families is a publication entirely compiled and produced by the World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges. It reflects the contents of the Association's data bank. It is produced with the help of the "Generation 1" software designed by Mr Gilles Blais of Montreal.
In this dictionary, every person is indexed and every marriage bears a number. In fact, the dictionary is the equivalent of huge table where each inscription bears the following format:
Number Names & Surnames of the spouses
Name Marriage Spouse Location Number
Name Birth date Location
The first line shows the sequential number assigned to the parents' marriage. The following lines list the children of the married couple. If a child is married, the date of his/her marriage is indicated as well as the name his/her spouse. Then the location of the wedding is indicated as well as its own sequential number. If a child is unwed, his/her birthdate and location of birth is indicated.
An index of all persons listed is printed at the back of the dictionary. This is where one begins his/her search to find the sequential number where the person looked for can be found. In this manner, the dictionary allows the user to establish both ancestor and descendant lineages.
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Last updated on August 21 2001