Famous Personalities
Sir Hormidas Laporte

Pierre Laporte

Pierre-Étienne Laporte

General Leon J. LaPorte

Frank Laporte

Diane St-Georges

William St.George

 Roby LaPorte

Some Laporte's and some St-Georges have become well known.
There was Sir Hormidas Laporte who became mayor of Montreal.
There is also the late Quebec government minister Pierre Laporte who was assassinated during the 1970 October Crisis.
There is Mr. Pierre-Étienne Laporte, the member for Outremont at the National Assembly of Québec.
For another current leader, check out General Leon J. LaPorte.
If you talk baseball, remember Frank Laporte.


If you are interested in the arts , Diane St-Georges's site should be right up your alley.
Still in the arts section, go pay a visit to William St. George, a Boston-based artist giving you a first look at his works.
More interested in music?  Roby LaPorte has worked with some of the biggest stars!
Some other interesting Laporte and St. George web sites

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