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Volume 9 No 2

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Volume 9 No 1

The 1999 to 2002 issues are not presently available on line.

Volume 4 No 4
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Volume 4 No 2
Volume 4 No 1

Volume 3 No 4
Volume 3 No 3
Volume 3 No 2
Volume 3 No 1

"De Laporte à St-Georges" is a regular bulletin published by the World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges. It is scheduled to be published on a quarterly basis. The bulletin recounts various events relating to the Laporte and St-Georges family.  It reports on the Association's activities; describes the history of our ancestors and announces all new publications from the Association. In summary, that is where you will find all information on the Association and the life of its members.
The "De Laporte à St-Georges" bulletin is distributed free to the Association's members. If you wish to become a member of the World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges, please fill out the member registration form.

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