Family Album
One of the current projects of the World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges is to publish a collective Family Album. It will recount the history of Laporte / St-Georges families. In its introduction, there will a description of the situation in France and in New France (Quebec) at the start of the colony. It will then describe the 11 known lineages of Laporte / St-Georges in North America. The French parents of our first and most prolific ancestor, Jacques de LaPorte dit St-Georges, will also be the subject of a chapter. The rest of the Album will cover each lineage with a section for each generation.
The Family Album will represent a compilation of information received on each Laporte or St-Georges family. Although the deadline for submitting such information has passed (at least for the first edition), we welcome new archives and information at all times. So please send us copies of your old pictures, dates, documents (birth certificates, marriage licences, death notices, etc.), anything interesting or official about yout family. Eventually, you may be able to recognize your family in a future edition of the Family Album. Every family history has some interest, so go on and relate family anecdotes, described your parents, grandparents, your children, your uncles, aunts, cousins, godfathers and godmothers...
The Association hopes that you will all contribute something to the Family Album, which will continually enrich itself with new data. Send your input and documents to our archivist-genealogist. All documents sent to the Association will be returned to you.
The Association launched the first edition of the Family Album at the 1998 Family Reunion. If you wish to purchase a copy of the Genealogical Dictionary, please consult our price list and fill in the order form.

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Last updated on August 21 2001