Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of the World Association of Laporte's & St-Georges is responsible for the recruitment of new members, the organization of the Association's activities, including its publications, as well as for the pursuing of the Association's objectives. The Board is composed of four executive members and meets monthly.
Our current Board members are:
President Mr Baxter D. Laporte
Vice-president Mr. Sylvain Laporte
Vice-president Mrs. Ghislaine l'Abbé
Secretary Mr. Marcel Laporte
Treasurer Mrs. Madeleine T. Laporte
Administrator Mrs. Diane St-Georges


Ms. Kim Ouellette

Genealogy, Database and External Auditor:
Mr. Jean L. Laporte

Bulletin, database, translation and communication with the English-speaking visitors and members:
Mr Baxter D. Laporte


Ralliement 2007:
Mrs Line Laporte

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Last updated on Nov. 14, 2006