Scenes from Nocé in the former region of Perche in France

The Chateau "de Beaulieu "

Chateau (738x512, 136.3 kilobytes)

The St-Martin Church dating back to the 11th Century with some parts having been added in the 12th Century.  Jacques Laporte was no doubt baptized in this church and frequented it before leaving for Canada
where his relationship with church authorities took a turn for the worse.

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Plaque installed in St-Martin Church in Nocé by the Perche-Canada Association on March 10, 1963 during its annual meeting to commemorate the emigration of Jacques Laporte to Canada

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Main Street of Nocé.  Could this be the inn-bakery that was operated by Jacques Laporte's father ?

Main (746x512, 129.1 kilobytes)

A Old Postcard of Nocé

Noce (735x512, 159.6 kilobytes)