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World Association of Laporte's and St. Georges

 2002 Reunion

Our outgoing Board members

CA (1312x887, 121.5 kilobytes)

Bus tour of Sherbrooke 

Randonnée (640x480, 119.2 kilobytes)

Stop at the Belvedere

Michel3 (640x480, 130.3 kilobytes) Carole1 (640x480, 115.3 kilobytes)

Michel Laporte (Treasurer) with Baxter Laporte (Founding President), Sylvie St-Georges (our first Webmaster to whom we owe this site) and outgoing President Céline St-Georges

Michel2 (640x480, 112.3 kilobytes)

Stop at the Magog river falls and the power plant

Chutes (640x480, 125.8 kilobytes) Sylvie2 (631x395, 56.5 kilobytes)

Baxter Laporte & Roch St-Georges, a regular attendee

Baxter1 (640x480, 106.4 kilobytes)

Sherbrooke sights

Very realistic mural on side of building

  Murale (640x480, 124.0 kilobytes)

Scenes from the Howard Estate Gardens

Jardin (640x480, 133.1 kilobytes)  Tortue (640x480, 170.1 kilobytes)  Sculpture (480x640, 181.5 kilobytes)

More similar photos of Sherbrooke on the following site


Our Archives Exhibit

  Panneau (645x908, 47.6 kilobytes)

The dinner buffet

  Buffet (969x1273, 112.7 kilobytes)

Laporte and St-George cousins together at the dinner table

Table1 (640x480, 97.7 kilobytes) Table1a (1448x940, 128.0 kilobytes) Table2 (1448x991, 141.8 kilobytes) Table3 (1448x991, 131.5 kilobytes) Table3a (1448x991, 127.1 kilobytes) Table5 (640x480, 109.0 kilobytes) Table6 (1302x804, 103.3 kilobytes) Table7 (1490x814, 101.8 kilobytes) Table8 (1490x772, 107.3 kilobytes) Table9 (1490x772, 103.7 kilobytes)

Tirage1 (640x480, 114.7 kilobytes) Tirage2 (640x480, 48.4 kilobytes) Tirage3 (640x480, 48.6 kilobytes) Tirage4 (640x480, 48.3 kilobytes)

Tirage6 (640x480, 46.8 kilobytes) Tirage7 (640x480, 117.5 kilobytes) Tirage8 (640x480, 115.3 kilobytes)

Mary Therese Falslev of Benson, Utah, a return visitor

Yvan (1458x991, 138.6 kilobytes)

Richard St. George & Carole Green of Yuma, Arizona, also return visitors

Carole2 (1250x991, 92.3 kilobytes)

Claudette Desmarais-Balvins of New Hampshire, another return visitor

Claudette2 (480x640, 115.4 kilobytes)

Jeannine Laporte Robert, organizer of previous Sherbrooke rally in 1997, and Gabrielle St-Georges 

Jeannine1 (1135x991, 107.2 kilobytes)

Gilles St-Georges, a former Board member and great booster of the Association, with Presidents Céline & Gabrielle St-Georges

Celine12 (1406x991, 116.1 kilobytes)

Our devoted treasurer Michel Laporte with Presidents Céline & Gabrielle

Celine13 (1375x991, 123.6 kilobytes)

Our presidents with Pauline Frigon, member no. 5 and always present

Celine14 (1291x991, 114.3 kilobytes)

Yvan St-Georges, our former Webmaster, with Céline St-Georges

Celine16 (1229x908, 103.7 kilobytes)

Lisette Laporte, our former Treasurer, with "our" Céline

Celine4 (1166x960, 97.0 kilobytes)

Other winners of door prizes

  Celine3 (1198x991, 102.3 kilobytes) Celine6 (1281x991, 126.0 kilobytes) Celine7 (1145x991, 90.8 kilobytes) Celine8 (1458x991, 138.5 kilobytes)

Celine9 (480x640, 126.8 kilobytes) Claudette1 (1208x991, 90.8 kilobytes) Fernande (1427x991, 109.8 kilobytes) Gabrielle1 (1052x960, 86.8 kilobytes)

Lisa (640x480, 115.6 kilobytes) Michel1 (1291x991, 106.0 kilobytes) Céline15 (1250x991, 97.4 kilobytes)