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  1. Websites on which it is directly question the genealogy of families Faucher, Foucher, Châteauvert and St-Maurice:

  • The Faucher and Foucher

           Genealogy Faucher and Foucher of Orleans Island 

           Genealogy of Anne-Marie Faucher

           Genealogy of Madame Madeleine Faucher, wife of Mr. Gilles Groulx, to whom we owe these data.

  • The Châteauvert

           Généalogie de Martin Châteauvert

  • The Saint-Maurice

  1. Websites on which the genealogy of families Faucher, Foucher, St-Maurice and is secondary but Châteauvert this:

  • The Faucher

          Genealogy of Groulx

    3.    Other site of the Association directed by Martin Châteauvert.

       ·   Other site


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  • Do know and appreciate their origins, their history, their heritage and current involvement of descendants in their surroundings.

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