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After several years of research on families Faucher strain of the Island of Orleans, I wanted to share with my extended family, the result of this research started in 1974.François-Xavier Faucher and his second wife Adele Charest are my great-grandparents. This meeting Faucher Dubois and also the Lotbinière region was held at the Center Mgr Marcoux in Quebec City Saturday, October 16, 1988.I therefore take this occasion of my mother Philomene 80ED Dubois, widow of Arthur Faucher then, to meet the descendants of Francois-Xavier Faucher latter part of the Island of Orleans in spring 1856, reaching St-Flavien de Lotbinière, with his young wife Anästhesie Baucher.More than 300 offspring were then given the opportunity to discover their ancestors through conference, genealogical tables, exhibitions of documents and pictures and their places of origin of their ancestors from the Isle of Orleans and the history of their genealogical lineage. My biggest wish was to see sprouting of the meeting an association of families Faucher. It was postponed.

A few years later, in August 1993 and 1995, I attended a meeting of the Beauce Faucher, under the invitation of our President Faucher Victorin, The Shack Peter Frampton. Through these meetings, again we hoped would rise to a combination of Faucher, but it was again postponed. Since then, Victorin and I stayed in touch, and hope was far from being extinguished.

A third attempt is launched, this one successful, having found our separate ways during the summer of 1999, persons interested in the foundation of an Association of Faucher and ready to support us in this process.The founding meeting of the association was held at the Pavillon Louis-Jacques-Casaultde Laval University Saturday, October 23, 1999. Fifteen persons were present:Claude Clement, Danielle, Diane, Jacqueline, Jean-Noël, Jocelyn Lisette Marie, Réal and Victorin, all appointed Faucher, along Lepold Gauthier, Laurence and Michelle Gosselin and finally Monique Leclerc, descendants or allies, as the case , Family Faucher. Thank you to all those people have believed in our project.

After this meeting I was asked to preside as a resource person from the Federation of Families stem Québécoise inc. A resolution effectively decreed the founding of the Association of Faucher and Foucher, names worn by paternal ancestors.

Ten-founders interim directors were elected:

Victorin Faucher, President 

Danielle Faucher, Vice President

Diane Jacques Faucher, secretary
Clément Faucher, treasurer and other officers:
Jocelyn Faucher
Marie Faucher
Léopold Gauthier
Laurence Gosselin
Michelle Gosselin

Since the bees are at work and advance the development of the Association of Faucher and Foucher inc. Officially recognized as a nonprofit organization, the Inspector General of Financial Institutions of Quebec, January 25, 2000.Since its first founding meeting, the provisional directors held five meetings to ensure the best possible development of our association now has 60 members.

To conclude this retrospective of our Association, it remains only to wish him long life! And the associations will be more successful if each of us contributes to the power of exciting projects and to introduce many new companions that will be its members.

Together we will discover our history and write to perpetuate our descendants.