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We are happy to present the first regional Committee of the Association des Faucher and Foucher including the Châteauvert and the Saint-Maurice, established since February 2001.

That is what a regional Committee? This is a group of people who by their interests works to recruit members and organize activities in their region and always under the direction of the Board of the association. Regional committees assist the Association to make themselves known in other regions.

A member of the Board of Directors, Jean-Maurice Châteauvert region of hull, approached several persons of Gatineau-Hull region in order precisely to form a regional Committee in this region. He joined five interested persons, the latter with great interest to our history and our genealogy.

The Regional Committee is full member of the Association des Faucher and Foucher including the Châteauvert and the Saint-Maurice.
They will set the following objectives:

(a) identify the most Faucher, Foucher, Châteauvert and Saint-Maurice in the region of Outaouais.
(b) recruit new members.
(c) group families in their region (longer-term objective).

Here are the names of the persons constituting this Committee;

Jean-Maurice Châteauvert, de Hull, Gatineau President
Philippe Châteauvert Vice-president
Estelle Châteauvert-Larose Public relations officer
Luc Charette Researcher
Diane Charette Secretary

The Board of Directors is pleased of this project and this initiative that Jean-Maurice activates and we wish him great success. We offer him our support, and he can count on us.

The idea is for all those wishing to become involved. Contact us, we will be happy to help you, especially if you have an interest in history, genealogy and family.

Bravo Jean - Maurice and thank you.