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90 members regulates some at April 22nd, 2015



The place of the sixteenth gathering of August 22nd, 2015 will be the Hotel-Motel the Difference, 425, Route Cameron, Sainte-Marie de Beauce G6E 1B1 (Tel. 1-800-838-4061 or 418-387-7835). In addition, we visit the Aviation Museum and the Father Gideon who are Dupuis House in Sainte-Marie, century-old house which houses both the two Museums. Like many board members have already done, those who wish can make their accommodation reservation now at a cost of $ 69.95 plus tax, double occupancy.

Martin Châteauvert director and responsible for the website.

NB New count: 90 members in good standing at 22 April 2015
, Report of Real Faucher, Secretary of the Association.


        The 12th gathering annual Sunday, August 28, 2011, from 9: 00 am for registration to the rally.

            The Oasis of Old Courthouse, (L'Oasis du Vieux Palais de Justice)

             255 rue Saint-Étienne, L'Assomption, Quebec J5W 1W7 (Highway 40, exit 108)

        2. The program of the 12th rally / form of pre-registration, order of the day of the 12th General Assembly and NOMINATING ballot /  

             available by calling Réal Faucher (74)

          10th anniversary of Foundation, on 3 July 2010, Domaine Joly and Lotbinière.

          Registration is required before June 26, with:  Réal Faucher 418 626-3185, email: or

                                                                               Gilbert Faucher 418 872-3147 email:

          Annual meeting in Saint-Raymond, Portneuf (QC)

        Réal Faucher (418) 626-3185

        Jean-Maurice Châteauvert (819) 776-2536

        Martin Châteauvert (450) 677-0519


          Annual meeting in Sherbrooke (QC)