The association gather in people from the Ebacher-Baker families which
are descendants of Johannes-Baptista Ebacher.


Many people, particularly Lisette Baker and Malvin Baker, have been searching for and found genealogical data to create a genealogical dictionary for the Ebacher-Baker families. This information is available thanks to Yves Dionne (spouse of Lisette Baker) who wrote the book Jean-Baptiste Ebacher - Histoire et descendance (Jean-Baptiste Ebacher - History and lineage) in which he assembled all the pertinent information and which contains each detail on the families according to the research done throughout the years by Lisette and Malvin.

The Ebacher-Baker Families Association inc. decided to computerize all the available data. Malvin Baker has accomplished a gigantic task to bring that about and you can consult this genealogical tree through our Website. These tables were built according to the information received from different sources which are not always confirmable, thus some errors may have slipped in. Malvin would greatly appreciate any help you can bring in correcting mistakes you have found. Once you have contacted him, he will be happy to bring all the necessary corrections. Please note that he takes no responsibility in tha cose of mistakes.


Assemble in a non-profit organisation people who are members, allies or interested in the Ebacher and Baker families.

Organize and/or hold conferences, reunions, assemblies as well as expositions to promote, develop and simplify History, genealogy and other subject linked with the Ebacher and Baker families.

Encourage anyone, member or ally to the above mentioned families, to transmit any document, picture or other manuscript which might add to the history of these families, to the Ebacher-Baker Family Association inc. and to the National Archives of Quebec.

Print, edit, distribute all publications which promote the preceding goals, and establish a library of publications referring to the Ebacher and Baker families history.

Search for and find all the family cells corresponding to these surnames.

Reunite its members in order to attain a better knowlegde of each and every one and maintain close families.