Antoine DUMAS "SANSREGRET" came to New France as a soldier during the Seven Years' War. Before joining the Laferté Company of the La Sarre regiment in 1756, Antoine Dumas "Sansregret" had served in the Morest Company. Upon his demobilization he chose to remain in New France and settled as a shoemaker in Terrebonne. The perusal of the lists of volunteers made for the Projet Montcalm indicates that he was "5 foot 1 inch and 6 lines" tall.

Antoine DUMAS "SANSREGRET", son of Jean DUMAS and Suzanne GIRARDON, was born in Nîmes (in the region of Gard, France) in Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor parish in 1738. He died in Terrebonne on 18 January 1775 at the age of 37.

On 25 March 1761, he married Marie Geneviève MARIER, daughter of Michel MARIER and Marie Catherine ARMAND "JOLICOEUR ET LIMOGES", and widow of Nicolas HÉBERT "LAROSE". Although the couple had eight children, it would appear only one of them reached adulthood and left a progeny.

The names of many descendants of the couple appear amongst the notables both of Terrebonne and Montréal throughout the 19th century.

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