Antoine Libéral DUMAS, merchant

Antoine Libéral DUMAS, a merchant, was the son of Jean and Marie Anne FABART (or FAVART). On testifying of Antoine Libéral's "liberty to marry" in 1761, his brother Alexandre said that Antoine Libéral was 31 years old (which would mean that he was born around 1730), and that he had arrived in New France around 1752.

Antoine Libéral travelled back to France on at least on occasion. He appears on a passengers list of a ship sailing from Bordeaux in 1755, in which he was described as "Libéral Dumas, 22 years of age, merchant born in Montauban, average height, blond hair".

Just like his brother Alexandre had done before him, he abjured his protestant faith so as to marry Marguerite CUREUX "SAINT-GERMAIN", daughter of Michel and Marie LOUP "POLONAIS", in Québec (city) on 27 October 1761. She was the sister of merchant Jean Baptiste CUREUX.

The couple settled in Québec (city) and had fourteen children, three of which would get married.

Michel, one of these children, was raised in Montréal by Jean DUMAS "SAINT-MARTIN" who made him his legitimate heir. This Michel might very well be the same Michel, a merchant, who married Marie Charlotte STUART DAVISON in a protestant church of Montréal in 1804.

Traces of a further progeny of Antoine Libéral DUMAS have not yet been found.


Family of Antoine Libéral DUMAS