Antoine DUMAS, a cameo appearance in documents

The only trace there is of this Antoine DUMAS appears on the marriage agreement he signed before notary Louis CHAMBALON on 26 July 1694. This agreement, which was however subsequently annulled, indicates that he was born around 1664 in Châteauneuf-sur-Charente (in the Charente region, France) in Saint-Pierre parish. His parents were Isaac DUMAS, a draper, and Marie BEAUDRY.

It is not known what became of Antoine DUMAS after the annulment of his marriage agreement.

The woman he had been supposed to marry was Marie Madeleine Anne TESSIER, born in 1675 to Marc TESSIER and Jacquette LEDOUX. Marie Madeleine Anne married, in Antoine’s stead, François HILERET (or LIRETTE or LAIRET), son of Jean and Jacquette BOURDELAIS, in Charlesbourg on 25 April 1695. She later remarried to François RIVAULT, son of Pierre and Marie QUEQUEJEU, again in Charlesbourg, on 27 January 1710. She died on 16 July 1735 and was interred on the 17th of that month in Charlesbourg. She had three children from her first marriage, and three from her second.